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Saturn Inflatable Boats Customer's Reviews

I am Canadian resident from Quebec and I test for the first time my SD430 with Mercury 25hp 4 stroke. The result is WOW! The inflatable boat is quiet the performance is outstanding and it let me drive very easy. Daniel

I have received my new sd365 inflatable boat .Its great! little inflatable boat and I love inflatable floor no more squks grinding etc. like my old Zodiac . S.C.

Thanks I already bought the inflatable boat from you guys and I like it very much. George

Used Zodiac F470 as a Tactical Diver for over 12 years. Different variations of Avons and Zodiacs up to the F470. 23 Years of operations. I have piloted a SD430 recently and preferred it over the Avons and comparable Zodiacs. Kev

Thanks you for a wonderful product. I am absolutely amazed at the quality for the price, or even the quality at any price. I am very glad I used inflatable boats to Go for my Saturn 290 tender! James

Researched dinghies for weeks....no doubt this is the best deal in USA. Premium quality & packaging. Much better than I expected, and I expected a lot. Equal quality to the $2,000+ inflatable boats. If you're in the market for an inflatable...you just found the be. Don

I work on all inflatables, and when I ordered a sd330 I was think I would going to get junk and my boss told me for the money I would get junk! but when I opened my inflatable boat I'm very convinced this is going to be and last a long time. to bad for my boss he spend. Jim

Excellent inflatable boat...I just LOVE it. But pump rather light duty. Thanks for the great delivery. I know we will have many years of fun with this inflatable boat... Thanks again for the wonderful workmanship that this inflatable boat has...Thank you. Jerry

I purchased a inflatable boat from you guys last summer & it is one of the best investments I have ever made. it has already paid for itself in the rental fees that I would have had to pay on the various rivers & creeks that my family, friends & I have traveled in. Kevin

I purchased an SD260 from you this year and have been very happy with the inflatable boat. I use it as a dinghy for my Bayliner 245 cruiser. I would like to install a transom mount, like a Weaver Davit system, on my inflatable boat to make it easier to stow and deploy the SD260. Paul

SD365 is Rescue inflatable boat that is in service where I live. Thanks so much and your product is great. John

I am very pleased with my new 12ft inflatable. It tracks well and is very secure feeling even in whitecaps. The larger size tubes are satisfying. Your product is a terrific one that costs substantially less than the market brands, but offers comparable features. John 

I just received at home the SD 430 inflatable boat. My impression of the inflatable boat is very positive, I currently have a Mark II Zodiac (14 feet) and this inflatable boat is at least as solid and robust as the Zodiac. I am planning to use it soon to dive in Monterey Bay... Francisco

have used the SD 330 for over a year now and love it just flies with a 9.9 Yamaha many positive comments from those that see it works perfect for lakes in western Canada. Wrbea

Very happy with my Sd-430(14 foot) works like a champ on the water. I use a 30 hp mariner engine with no hydrofoil and it planes well. Easy to set up stable in the water a great deal! I dive with my inflatable boat in Monterey Bay- California takes 3-4 people with diving. Brhug

I'm impressed with the quality of SD365 and only wish I had a larger motor than a 9.9. She's very stable and after owning several roll-ups and RIBs, this is the best. Besides the price being affordable, I've not added any air since I inflated her in July. James

I love the inflatable boat especially how light it is to row. It is like a feather over the surface. Was out in 15 knots on Saturday rowing to my friends inflatable boat from mine and had no problem controlling it. Great inflatable boat and a great price. Frank

I modified my inflatable boat trailer to haul the SD365. I will be using the inflatable boat to dive out of in North Carolina and Florida. I am very happy with my new inflatable boat so far. Thank you for all you have done to make this transaction a pleasure this transaction a pleasure. Mike

Just wanted to thank you again, I was able to register my dinghy on Friday. Thank you VERY much for your EXCEPTIONAL customer service!!!!!! Michael

Zodiac lost his quality but not price today. I'm very happy that Korea makes this inflatable boats at affordable price for low income people like me and still good quality. Sergio

Just received SD365 inflatable boat today. I really thought this inflatable boat would be well made and pretty, but I want to tell you that it is MUCH better than I expected. A wonderful job of workmanship. J. S.

The inflatable boat came today, and it is everything you said. We put it on the Tomoka River, and it was great. Marilyn

I have had my SD365 since this last fall and now have begun to run it out on our small lake by the house. With the 25 hp 2-stroke Tohatsu motor and the hard wood floor (converted a SD385 floor to fit) this inflatable boat flies. Brian

I bought one from you last year and it worked great. It was stolen so I want the same model again. John

Dear Sir, Two years ago, we bought a 8.6 infl. from you and, so far, we are very happy with it. Very well built, we appreciate the quality.  L. T.

I'm pleased with the apparent quality of the sd430. The tubes are larger diameter than even most of the Zodiacs and Avons that I've seen, I like that! Its really larger than Id envisioned and appears very well made. All seams are neatly glued and the inflatable boat. Brian

My SD330 inflatable boat is HIGH QUALITY!!! I was skeptical at first because of the low price but when it arrived, and I inflated it, I was VERY happy with my purchase! If you are thinking of purchasing an inflatable, Have NO reservations buying a Saturn! John

I'm very pleased with the inflatable boat - simple to use and much lighter than I expected. Paul

Great inflatable boat, better than expected! I bought the yellow 330 and it screams, even with a 6hp! Good company that makes things right!  Mike

I'm very impressed with the inflatable boat. I will have some new customers for you in the near future. A. Bell

Just wanted to say.. thanks! I got inflatable boat with everything intact (coast to coast), just registered it this morning, & will have it in the bay hopefully this Saturday. Terence

I bought a SD365 from you. It is a high-quality, attractive inflatable boat that gets a lot of attention.  Dr. Michael.

No joke, this is a nice inflatable boat and half of what would pay for a name brand. Very convenient inflatable boat, well worth the money!!. I use my electric engine, and it runs nice. Brian

I am completely satisfied with the model SD430 I purchased from you last year. Quality construction. Good performance. Excellent value. The inflatable boat is everything you represented it to be and more. Leonard

And your inflatable boat was star last night as the 12ft was able to maneuver where most could not. John 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate the way you do business. as customer service seems to be on the decline through-out US, your company continues to deliver customer satisfaction at a very high level. Kip

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